This weekend, Value Investing College is conducting FOUR Value Investing Bootcamps in THREE different countries. Currently in Singapore, we have one bootcamp led by Head VI-Searcher...

On 7th February 2017, Value Investing College officially signed the contract with our Philippines partner to bring VIC to Top Universities in Philippines.

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Last weekend, we concluded:

MIP Batch 97
OMP Batch 11
Our very first Penang VIB Bootcamp
... and a Meet & Greet session with Robert Kiyosaki (thanks Success Resources!)

To all our new graduates, welcome to this big family!! We're happy to have you onboard with us on this life-long journey 😍 We're incredibly proud of you for taking the first steps to success!
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[Reflections after 2 weeks of Military Reservist Training]

Some of you are not going to agree with me or even like this post at all. But just sharing my thoughts after 2 weeks of tough military training.

I have 3 reflections (I am not an expert on these so do feel free to correct me)

1. Some countries (such as Switzerland) have natural advantages and therefore do not need a big military. When I invest, I want to invest into companies with natural advantages as such.

2. If we (individually) do not have natural advantages, we need to build it up. If we are not born into a rich family leaving you lots of wealth, we need to start building and preparing (like how Singapore has no natural defences and thus build up SAF)

3. Going back to the military training in the forest reminds me to be grateful for the little things around which I usually take for granted.
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[5 Steps to Investing RAP]

My new attempt to write a rap instead of telling lame jokes....

Let me know if I should just go back to investing & lame jokes instead yo?! ... before I create a BAD RAP. :p

If you like it. So share and comment 😀
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