7 Investment Tips by A Philantropist


Koon Yew Yin founded two of the biggest property companies in Malaysia including IJM and Gamuda. In 1983, he went through a heart surgery but decided to learn stocks investing after reading books by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. After accumulating his assets and wealth in the stocks market, he made news for making a massive donations to build student hostel for the poor in Penang.

On top of spending lots of money and effort in helping the students, he is also keen to share his investment knowledge and experience. Chanced upon his blog and found some interesting insights which we could learn from.

In one of his posts, he shared about 7 traits of a super investor.

A quick summary of the traits :

  1. Be Contrarian
  2. Live, Eat, Drink Investing
  3. Willingness to Learn from Past Mistakes
  4. Risk Management
  5. Confidence
  6. Clear Thinking
  7. The Ability to Live Through Volatility

To read more on his investment strategies, follow the links below :


Other than his investing and stocks selection approach, I like most his purpose and passions about life in creating happiness for people around him.

Everyone is trying to make money every day. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use their money wisely. They must realise that our ultimate aim in life is happiness.” Koon Yew Yin


by Leong Tan

Value Investing College