How to Invest the Way We Play Pokemon Go! – Catch some Stockemons!


"Gotcha!" Not sure if you have thought about it this way, "How nice it will be if every Pokemon I catch makes me another $100 of passive income per month or makes me $10,000 richer!"

What if there really is a way to have fun and build wealth too!

Yes.... I am one of those dudes playing Pokemon Go and currently I am only at Level 16.

And as I walked around catching and collecting Pokemons, I realised this is similiar to being a Value Investor.

1. PokeStops for Value Investors (Scuttlebutting)

    As a Value Investor, we also visit Pokestops. We call this Scuttlebutting! What this means we visit companies and see if there are many customers and if the employees are hardworking. One of my friend, Sudhan did a visit around Thomson Medical Centre at the age of early 20s before he decided to invest into Thomson Medical. The nurse asked him where was his wife... lol.


      2. Catch Them with our Pokeballs, Raspberry... (Analysing Stocks)

    As we spot Pokemons, we will start using our skills to try and catch them. As Value Investors, we using our analysis skills to "catch" these good businesses. In VIC, we use our P.I.E.C.E.R.I.S.K analysis to see if the Stockemon is good or not.
    Well, after spending time trying to analyse the, like Pokemons, some stocks are great stocks while others are disappointing with "Low CP"... But nonetheless, we gain experience points and level up as an investor.

    level up 1

    3. Pokedex for Value Investors = Watch List

After analyzing stocks, we increase our database of stocks in our watchlist! And the more we have, the more opportunities we have in buying great stocks that will either increase our cashflow or increase our wealth or even both!

So have fun catching Pokemon... (I am hoping to Level Up faster than my wife who is also at Level 16.. and hoping to catch my Pikachu which I have not come across yet!)

(ps. Join us and catch some Stockemons at our events. Stay tune!)

Be Blessed
Sean Seah
Value Investing College

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