INVESTOPIA is one of the first conferences of its kind that houses some of the best investing minds from around the world to showcase their latest investment strategies that anyone can apply to rapidly generate massive returns from their portfolios.

In this one day intensive extravaganza, guests get to meet the likes of best-selling author and international speaker, Mary Buffett, up close and personal to find out what really works in today's uncertain investment climate.

From Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand to Taiwan, Investopia is sweeping participants off their feet as expert speakers share golden investing nuggets:

  • How to make 20-25% on their money instead of leaving it in the bank
  • The Step-by-Step checklist that any serious investor must follow to minimise risks and maximise returns
  • How to receive dividends checks, right in the mailbox
  • How to find highly investible stocks using a 10 minute stock screening approach
  • Proper portfolio management and position sizing strategies
  • And much more!

Folks from all walks of life, regardless if they are beginners or veterans, parents or corporate employees, get to learn from the best of the best and supercharge their learning ... only at INVESTOPIA.

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