VIC Singapore (HQ)


Sean Seah

Founder, Master Trainer

Sean Seah is the Founder and Master Trainer of Value Investing College. He is an accomplished financial writer of acclaimed books such as "Gone Fishing with Buffett" and "The Money Game".

Utilising the Value Investing Methodology has brought him huge success in the stock market and he has imparted this methodology to thousands of students globally. Many have benefitted immensely from his teachings.

He is otherwise known as "Asia's Buffetologist" to many and has been featured on multiple national and international media fronts.


Paul Chen

Head Vi-searcher, Master Trainer

Paul Chen is a Master Trainer of Value Investing College and an immensely successful stock investor. The ways of Value Investing have brought him immense financial empowerment and allowed him to pursue a life full of passion and dreams.

He strongly believes in passing on that same financial empowerment to the uninitiated. His words have reached thousands on national platforms such as 93.8 FM.

Paul is a deeply grounded Value Investor and has in depth knowledge in Fundamental Analysis. He channels this same set of skills to functioning as the Head of the Vi-searcher Division.


Dr Daniel Kao

Executive Director

Respected Investment Speaker, Dr. Daniel Kao is the Executive Director of the acclaimed Value Investing College, Singapore.

Dr. Kao has been invited to speak at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Management and was featured live on 93.8 FM. His words have reached massive audiences at international events and he has trained investors from Singapore, Malaysia as well as high networth individuals from Myanmar.

He utilises the versatile power of options and Fundamental Analysis to generate stock market returns. It is his mission to help others improve their lives through financial empowerment and investing.


Glen Ho


Glen Ho is a Trainer at the Value Investing College. Armed with true passion and sincerity in coaching people towards financial success, Glen has been invited to speak at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Expo and many other major events and stages.

He believes that each and every one has the opportunity to obtain financial success in his or her lifetime.

VIC Administration Team


Jenniser See

Sales & Marketing Executive


Weeny Goh

IT & Media Specialist