The Embarkment of A New Journey with 8I Holdings Ltd


Dear members of the Value Investing College (VIC) family - friends, grads and fellow investors,
VIC is proud to announce the embarkment of an official agreement to partnership with 8I Holdings Ltd (ASX: 8IH).
VIC's signature Value Investing Bootcamp (VIB) and 8IH's flagship Millionaire Investor Programme are of the most familiar and trusted names in the regional financial education stratosphere.
This marriage spells a new era of further development and growth for both parties, which will reflect the underlying synergy that exists between VIC and 8IH.



Clockwise: Ken Chee, Sean Seah, Ong Kai Ling, Dr. Daniel Kao

With this integration, we are pleased to say that it will serve the primary purpose of delivering more value to both our existing and potential community as we continue to expand globally in the bid to touch more lives with the tremendous joy of investing done right.
Announcement on ASX: