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" I was always reluctant to go for courses, I have been to crappy ones and never really learn anything. So I was saying "NO" to having a chance to upgrade myself. That was the biggest mistake.

So one day, my mum came and kick my butt and told me to GO for this investment workshop.. Since then: 

1) I have generated a 6 figure sum from the US stock market SAFELY.

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" I have generated a 6 figure sum from the US stock market SAFELY"

Ken Teng

Businessman and Investor

I came to learn in Sept 2013 and immediately I took action with my first VIOS trade.

Back then, I was a student still studying in NTU. My starting capital was $8000 USD. My first investment was on a stock called EBIX and it made me $250 USD in a month.

It wasn’t a lot of money earned, but I followed the investing rules taught to me with discipline and tracked every single trade I made.

Reinvesting the money I earned and increasing my capital, I was making about $500 USD a month in a year’s time, by applying the strategy on various stocks such as HLF, KORS, GMCR, EBIX.

This year, my portfolio size is at a whopping $80,000 USD as someone fresh out of University. My passive returns a month are about $1200 USD.

Learning the ways of the Value investors and VIOS has allowed me to invest confidently with lower risk and make consistent profits.

My advice to anyone is, start ASAP and stick close to the Value Investing community. Soon you will get a hang of VIOS and be on your way to Financial Freedom.

“My portfolio size is at a whopping $80,000 USD as someone fresh out of University. My passive returns a month are about $1200 USD.”

Thom Wu

“I’m only 22 years old and consistently over the last 4 years, I have achieved a double digit returns on my investments.

My returns are about USD $3000- 4000 a month. Every single year it has been growing.

Because of Value Investing and my profits, I managed to buy properties...”

“...My returns are about USD $3000- 4000 a month...”

Reshveen Rajendran

Entrepreneur and Investor

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