Value Investing Bootcamp

Value Investing College (VIC) empowers individuals to build wealth and passive income through the proven methodology of Value Investing!

VIC was founded by Sean Seah, who was trained by the Buffett family (Mary Buffett).

Through Value Investing, Sean has achieved Financial & Investment Success and has been empowering individuals through the Value Investing System since 2008.

Thousands have benefited from the Value Investing System, which is delivered across 3 phases:


Phase 1: VIC's Signature Value Investing Bootcamp


In the signature Value Investing Bootcamp, students are transformed into Value Investors by learning the the VIC Blueprint.

Specifically, students are taught:

1. How to Find Stocks using a 10 Min Screening Approach

2. How to filter Stocks using VIC's P.I.E.C.E R.I.S.K Analysis

3. Calculation of Entry and Exit Price using 4 Step System

4. Portfolio Management and BCP Position Sizing Formula

5. Creating Passive Income using the VIOSTM system

The students, inclusive of complete beginners will have the confidence to approach the stock market after the Bootcamp!


Phase 2: Application And Live Meet Ups



The Bootcamp is only the beginning of the student's investment journey together with VIC.

Our trainers continue to support the students and community through live/ online meet ups to help students with their investments.

Students are also supported with:

1. Online Resources (Which VIC provides for Free for Students with constant updates)




2. Case Studies and Live/ Online Updates and Meet Ups




Phase 3: VIC Lifetime Membership within the VIC Community


All our trainers understand the importance of continuous support in the investment journey, having been through the different stages of the Stock Market's cycle.

VIC places and emphasis on lifetime free support for every single student as the intention is to enable everyone to grow and experience stock investment across decades.


The Lifetime Membership allows students to:

#1: Free Resit in Bootcamp in Any Part of the World where VIC Holds Courses (Currently in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, India, Philippines)



#2: Journey with us in our Private Facebook Group

Get latest ideas and have your questions answered at the click of a button in our Private Facebook Group!




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