VIC’s annual Value Investing Summit 2018 was a complete blast!

The highly anticipated VIC event, held at Singapore Changi Expo, saw the high profile coverage by media!

Crowds of Value Investors from VIC’s Community as well as members of the public, flocked to listen to the wisdom of 12 investing experts from across the globe.

Professor Hermann Simon

The theme this year is “Building a League of Hidden Champions” as Keynote speaker, Professor Hermann Simon took the stage. Professor Simon shared his immense experience on identifying tell-tale signs of business poised for powerful growth.

Along with Professor Simon, 11 other experts commanded the crowd’s attention including Mr Vishal Khandelwal ( , Mr Sean Seah (Asia’s Buffetologist), François Badelon (Fund Manager at Amiral Gestion), Mr Hermant Amin (Founder and CEO of Asiamin) and more!

Check out the video of the highlights below:


We ended off the second day with a heart thumping Intervarsity Challenge! Featuring representatives from tertiary institutions across Singapore including SIM, NUS, NTU and more!

VIS 2019 promises to be even more exciting.. so keep a look out!

To find out more or register for VIS 2019, click below:


One thought on “Value Investing Summit (VIS) 2018 Was a Blast!”

  1. Sean Seah says:

    Really had a great time at the event!
    Looking forward to VIS 2019

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